All Ways with You

どんな道でも いつも一緒に


Q : How can I purchase ALPHA’S products? 

A : End user?  Commercial Partner?  In either case, please let us know your living country and area via following URL. You will be contacted asap. 

Q : I heard a rumor that ALPHA’S is importing oils from abroad and is just filling to small packages in Japan. Is it really “Made in Japan”?

A : YES. ALPHA’S products are produced in Japan.
NOTE = Japan is not a country that is producing rude oils, and accordingly most of additives/base oils are imported from third countries.  But the products are blended in Japan and "Made in Japan".

Q : I input ALPHA’S address to some web-map services and I found a different company named “SUNFIELD” instead of ALPHA’S. What is “SUNFIELD” and dose ALPHA’S really exist?

A : ALPHA’S head office is located in the building of “SUNFIELD” that is our partner company for logistics.  ALPHA’S CO., LTD. is an officially registered company and ALPHA’S is really making production and logistics operation in Wakayama, Japan. 

Q : As far as I checked via website, there is no blending tanks at ALPHA’S address. I am wondering if ALPHA’S really produces oils?

A :  Actually, ALPHA’S has no facilities/equipment for blending oils. Instead, ALPHA’S has contracts with Japanese oil major companies for production based upon ALPHA’S instructions.  ALPHA’S cannot disclose the details due to compliance reasons but please note that the partner companies are ISO 9001 certified and making strict quality management to meet ALPHA’S requirements.

Q : Through SNS, I found a certain company name “HINO GIKEN” as a producer for ALPHA’S.  Who is “HINO GIKEN”?

A : “HINO GIKEN (HG)” is one of the partner companies for ALPHA’S. HG is specialized in bottling/refilling of oils, greases and chemicals to small packages. For 1L cans and some products with small quantity, ALPHA’S is outsourcing such bottling operation to HG.

Main products of ALPHA’S are produced and bottled directly at some contracted Japanese Oil Majors in Japan. 

Q : I found some SNS telling that ALPHA’S products are not made in Japan but in other country.  If it is wrong information, will ALPHA’S make some action to correct them?
A : ALPHA’S knows that someone from competitors made such a negative campaign spreading wrong information. ALPHA’S has already made him to correct it and received his official apology. If ALPHA’S would find another SNS with such wrong information, ALPHA’S will make proper action properly. 

Q : It seems that any kinds of oils have similar quality and performance. What are the better points of ALPHA'S than other oils?

A : “ALPHA” brand has a history for more than 25 years in Japan (since 1995). Maintaining the brand is a result of good quality and reliability being appreciated by consumers. Moreover, ALPHA’S has upgraded the engine oils to API SP, not only meeting the required performance of API, but exceeding them at high level. ALPHA’S has confidence that you will feel superior performance with ALPHA’S new engine oils. 

Q : I found “All Ways With You” at ALPHA’S website and other materials, but it seems a mistake for “Always With You”. Which is correct?

A : “All Ways With You” is correct and it is our new slogan. Of course, “All Ways” is inspirated from “Always”. ALPHA’S wants to be always with you on all ways!!

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